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Community: A community is comprised of multiple distinct and intersecting voices.  Working collaboratively, we fuel each other, celebrate diversity, expand our ideas, and discover new directions. 


Creativity: Expressing creativity gives us breathing space and room for conversation.  Creativity builds bridges between diverse people and ideas: inviting contemplation and conversation.


Curiosity: Why? What? How? These questions open doors, invite exchange, and challenge the status quo.


Change: Whether it is planned or emergent, change is a constant. It provides an opportunity for growth and discovery. Opening the door to change we can develop new directions and reaffirm our traditions.


Challenge:  We learn the most when we are at the edge of our comfort zone. Difficulty and disconfirmation invite us to try something new.


Contradiction: Shadow does not exist without light.  Volume requires line.  I celebrate this contrast and congruence of opposites: ideas, ethnicities, cultures, and experiences. Every strength has its shadow side and we can learn from both.

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