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The I in Team

Exploring and employing creative processes and concepts to enhance leaders and teams.


This workshop will explore

  • Why  creative process and creative experience are not only helpful but essential components to any interaction for development, growth, and change for teams and for individuals?

  • How creative activities can benefit your team building, teamwork, team effectiveness

  • Appreciate the importance of individual self awareness and advocacy to team building

  • What is a team?

    • A group of individuals who bring with them all their own distinct experiences, issues, successes and challenges

    • A collection of icebergs trying to get closer together.


Guided visualization as grounding experience and opportunity to practice, play, explore in the safety of one’s own mind 

Ground Rules:

Together we know a lot. Share your idea and trust that it will be heard. Balance speaking and listening Perfection is not real: we learn from failure.


What is the value of working together? What gets in the way of effective team work? Share how your successes and challenges

Doodle Project

Paper sculpture & Group Collage Collage (

Group Reflection:

Wows and Wonders: Sharing/Reflection/Feedback  on this experience.  What did you learn from each other?  How might you apply this activity to different group engagements?

Theory and Models

Team building Stages

Forming: identify roles, goals, process, relationships

Storming: conflict-beneficial stepping outside your comfort zone where we feel risk and resistance and learn the most

Norming: ground rules

Performing: accomplishing task

Adjourning: reflection, recognition closure


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