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Seed Model

Like an organization, the parts of the seed are both discrete and interdependent. The mission, vision, and values provide essential nourishment and guidance. The staff and organizational structures make up the root structure, supporting the development of the programs and initiatives that are waiting to bloom. The success and growth of the programs, like the leaves and flowers of the plant, provide energy such as financial and emotional rewards, which in turns benefits the roots. The process consultant can use this model as a foundation for a conversation with leadership to explore the kinds of changes that the nonprofit organization needs to make to facilitate growth over time.

Seed Model - Growth Phase presents the transformation that occurs as the organization grows. Here the board is represented by three concentric dotted circles indicating the fluidity of its life cycle. As it supports all aspects of the organization, the nonprofit board must be ready to shift and change in response.

 Just like a plant that responds to the seasons or the passing of time an organization may need to prune away programs that are no longer needed, or perhaps graft on a new branch of service. The organization may need to add staff and processes to respond to the expanding needs of its members. The mission, vision, and values still provide the energy to fuel all the actions.

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