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Intro to the Creative Process Map 

A team or group is in essence a society with its own culture and traditions.  The members that comprise this group bring with them the individual experiences, habits, and expectations. Developing an awareness of our creative self enables us to embrace diversity, ambiguity, and contradiction. I believe these all essential for a tolerant, democratic and living society.

Learn about the creative process map and how to use it with leadership or team building activities.

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Two-hour introduction to using the creative process as a tool for team building, group facilitation

Tiles, Murals, & Mosaics 

Students will collectively decide a group project that can become a permanent group installation or temporary collaboration using clay and paper collage.  We will learn basic handbuilding skills and a variety of  surface decoration techniques.  Course will emphasize basic elements of design, critical thinking and collaboration.


Vision Craft
Virtual workshop combining conversation, story-telling, markers and imagination.  Designed for groups or individuals to identify new values, clarify or refine existing ones.

Play With Purpose

Quick, guided brainstorming session using paper and scissors or online whiteboard for team building, brainstorming, personal vision and purpose, leadership goal-setting and development. I will provide the visuals, you will provide the ideas and inspiration.

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