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Let's work together to find and unfold  your best future now.

Lead the Way

The best teams have leaders who lead by example and

  • trust themselves and their team members

  • speak up and listen

  • collaborate and  experiment

  • learn from successes and failures.

Build Your Best Team

Whether you are building a new team, starting a new project  or starting a new day, leaders and team members can all benefit from creative activities to establish and invigorate collaborative and transformative practices.

I look forward to helping you build teams, comprised of creative and collaborative members that are

- aware of their own strengths and opportunities for growth

- lean into constructive conflict and learn from failure

- trust and challenge each other.  

My Approach

We will co-create a safe environment where we can learn about each other. I will

  • listen and ask questions to understand your hopes and challenges

  • gather, analyze, and feed back data to uncover insights that help realize your goals

  • present information in a graphic, interactive, and nonjudgmental way that can open doors and build bridges, and 

  • build a partnership of collaboration and connection that delivers innovative and enduring results.

For information about the theories and models on which I rely click here.

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