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Art Classes for Senior Adults

These classes  explore a variety of ways to create form, surface and content with paper, clay, or glass. Throughout the process we will build skill and understanding about the materials and processes we use.  Instruction will emphasize elements of design such as contrast, proportion, repetition, pattern, use of white space, and movement. Classes are designed to build artistic skill; encourage critical thinking, reflection, and feedback; and facilitate social engagement.  All classes are designed in collaboration with the hosting organization and the participating students.

Paper Arts

"What is a Picture Worth?"
Using cut and torn paper of various kinds, magazine images and personal photographs we will explore storytelling without words.

"Let it All Unfold"

Students will work with a variety of papers and images to create abstract collage and photo montages, learn a variety of paper folding techniques to make small sculptures and create hand-made books such as concertina, blizzard or piano-hinge.


Potluck: Clay & Company
Custom-designed hand building class with a focus on bowls, using pinch, coil, and slab techniques.  We will explore what makes clay special.  Elements of 3-d design, brushwork, and carving on clay. Final project can include a community empty bowls event or simple swap.  We. can also end with a potluck of favorite foods using our hand made bowls. More Details.

queens court tile.jpg

Thinking Outside the Box 

Students will make their own tiles and boxes out of clay slabs, learn basic hand building skills, and a variety of  surface decoration techniques.  Course will emphasize basic elements of design, critical thinking and collaboration.

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