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Sample Agenda

•Check in: Step into this shared space

•Ground Rules

•Guided visualization as grounding experience and opportunity to practice in the safety of one’s own mind

•Descriptive Adjectives Activity or

•Expressive Writing Prompt: What do you think, feel, do? & identify a positive place: what word describes your best self.

•Creative Iteration/Exploration using collage materials

•Wows and Wonders: Sharing/Reflection/Feedback

•What’s Next: Reflect on this experience and set an intention for what is next

Stages of the Creative Process

Inspire: What is my big idea? Why does it matter to me? What might exploring this idea do for me? For others?


Explore: What will I learn about myself, others, the task? How will my big idea impact others?  What growth might I experience? Success metric: how does exploring the big idea impact my self-awareness?


Elevate: How can I communicate my idea? How am I communicating my idea?  How might I modify,  clarify, or revise?


Assess: Is this my best expression of my idea?  What might I add here?  What can I learn from and about others by seeking feedback? What do I need? What resources do I have?


Present: What can I share about myself with others from this experience?  What do I need to say to present my learning,? What have I learned about myself? How can I apply this experience/growth in the future? With others? In identifying my next big idea/inspiration?

Creative Process
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